Friday, July 30, 2010

Writers Block

I have all these great post ideas; Philip Zimbardo’s Time Perspective theory, Monogamy, Honor Killings, and Going for broke. But, I can’t put seem to put any of these thoughts to paper because I’m presently in my Present-Hedonistic Person Time Perspective defined below.

Present-Hedonistic Person: Self indulgent, playful, enjoys all things that bring immediate pleasure and avoids those that involve much effort, work, planning, or unpleasantness. Lives to consume the good life and takes many different kinds of risks in part because he or she does not fully consider the realities of negative consequences and at the same time seeks stimulation and excitement. Is vulnerable to addictions of all sorts, regardless of knowledge of potential negative consequences. These people focus more on process and intrinsic motivation, rarely on products and extrinsically- motivated task performance. They are vulnerable to being caught up in social taps where short- term gains capture attention more than long- term negative consequences of imprudent actions. They do more poorly in academics (or when forced to function in future- oriented environments) than do the future people. However, where process and focus on immediate details is important, presents may do well, notably on some types of creative tasks, or activities with immediate feedback, such as video games. They can also enjoy play, sports, hobbies, high energy activities, intimacy, sexuality, parties, and may be more intense as friends. On the other hand, they are more emotional, volatile, easily upset, likely to violate convention and behave in anti-social ways, be delinquent, criminal, and aggressive.

Isn’t that great? I have to tell you about Zimbardo’s Time Perspective theory which may actually revolutionize that way we approach education, relationships, and define success. But, I can’t right now. I’m in weekend mode and ready to get out of my drab cubicle and enjoy my life. Sorry I’m totally blocked.

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