Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spiritual Growth

I apologize for not blogging.

I've been crazy busy. I fell in love, started school, took the LAST test ( 1/4 parts Teachers Certification Exam) - Passed yea me !!!!, ended relationship with the man I loved, pulled myself out of an end of relationship funk, renewed my commitment to working out/ eating right, navigated sensitive family issues, and focused on remaining sane through it all.

2011 is going to be dedicated to reaching the next level on my Spiritual Journey; finding balance, forgiveness, acceptance, embracing cooperation versus competition, learning to trust, reflecting on my choices, having faith, going with the grain by being flexible, and being more selfless. I will try to document this journey as best I can.

In the meanwhile, please check out this guest post written by Lyndon Jones - I think it's a great reflection piece