Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I watched in amazement as you rallied a nation in 2008 and injected hope into our collective consciousness. Mr. President you aren’t just inspiring because you are the United States first black president which is a feat in itself. The reason you are inspiring is varied and wide. You have embody the spirit of the common man and represent the quintessentially “American Dream”, your story represents perseverance and shows us the reward earned thru hard work. I admire your start as a community organizer, your altruistic nature, and belief in yourself. I’ve had the honor of watching you speak on television and your oratory giftedness has moved me to tears and manifested “the grain of salt faith “in our nation that was lost. The citizens of the US have never been treated as more than dumb blind sheep call me na├»ve but I feel that you may actually respect us, and want to make this world a better place.

The “us” I speak of are; women, immigrants, undereducated people, unemployed, uninsured, weary soldiers, poor, minority, rich, etc. We thank you. The fact that you have endless swagger, desire your wife brains n booty, and light up when around your kids – doesn’t hurt. It’s a hard job you’ve taken on and you’re doing well. Stay True to you …..

Love Always,

The Nation

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