Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturn Returns recap

I thought my last post which I copied and pasted from my new blog ( Chasing my passion was the end of Saturn Returns. As, I started to exit this site I noticed the date 5/29/2011 and chuckled to myself, I realized that I started this blog nearly a year to this date. What an interesting coincidence....I've learned so much and am so grateful for having this vehicle to document my growth. I'm sad to end this blog (my baby) but feel this is just the beginning.I'm ending this blog to start a new chapter in my life but feel my life is limitless.

I'm no longer 29 years old going or 30 trying to figure out what my life is going to be. I'm 30 years old and am pretty confident that I'm following a spiritual path that will serve many people. I'm many things but a healer for certain. My friends and family sort of chuckle at me and raise an eyebrow at this idea - that's ok. I feel like this year through positve and even perceived negative experiences (which we're also positive via lessons); I've learned to love myself, strengthened my faith, see beauty in all things, humble myself ( still learning), started to eliminate fearful behavior resulted in me clinging on to things that no longer serve because I thought that was all I had, the difference between forgiveness and allowing repeated offenses, Self - Worth, Confidence, true meaning of happiness free from stuff ( money, title, relationship status, etc), and many other things....

I haven't conquered all these lessons but know how to extract them from almost any situation and continue to apply them to my life. It's very liberating to know who I am and to have found my purpose. I still have to work on developing my intuition, communicating better, and relying on my own understanding versus what I'm told to believe. It's a process but one I welcome. I'm ready to stand in my true strength above influence.

" There is no competition and no comparison for we are all different and meant to be that way. I am special just the way I am It is safe for me to love myself. I am truly blessed." Dr. Dee

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