Sunday, May 29, 2011

Road to Loving Myself ......Chasing my passion

I had a wonderful weekend - May 21st began with my partner and I participating in a Women's Wellness Fair. We both provided Reiki service for any attendee interested. Our sessions were provided in tandem double the energy for our clients :) and we were rewarded with positive feedback as a result. Feedback is very important whether positive or negative because it helps us become better healers. Personally, I like to know what the client may be experiencing energywise because I'm curious as to whether we're experiencing the same things or their experiences mirror other clients Reiki session. I also enjoy hearing past and present stories involving others experiences with Reiki - always amazing.

After the fair, my partner and I had a very late lunch and rushed back to my house to drop off the massage table. I had a concert to attend and was very excited about it. I intended to see Adele around 8pm. Plan B opened for her and they surprised me with their electic mix of Reggea, Rap, R&B, and Doo Wop - I really enjoyed their performance. Adele came out around 9pm, the crowd went nuts, and the energy was just electrifying. Adele's voice filled the entire theatre, beautiful, raw, and touching. She not only has a great voice but a fantastic, playful, smart personality. During one of her mini breaks after a song she said " Singing is my passion, I'm so lucky that my job is my passion and it allows me to travel, see things, meet new people, and live music." It made me think of all the years, I sat at my cubicle staring out the window wishing my life were different or I were lucky enough to live my passion. I realized then that I could live my passion. I could enjoy my career as much as Adele does ......I'm the boss of my life. I left the concert feeling inspired.

I went into the next day injected with this sense of purpose. It didn't hurt that I was doing volunteer work the next day as a Reiki practioneer for women battling breast cancer (check out this amazing organization). I thought I was going to interview but I was put to work right away which was a blessing because I learned so much. In my heart, I really believe that I'd serve these women but they served me. I learned so much about my modality and how to serve people; emotionally, physically, and mentally.

A Reiki Master demonstrated the flow of energy before and after a session with a cancer patient using a pendelum. If there were any doubts in my mind regarding this modality it was immediately dismissed. Reiki has changed my life. I'm more compassionate, loving, better at self regulating, and everything that was important to me no longer is....

I'm all about progressing along my spiritual path. I hope that I can work in holistic healing full time and be successful. I truly believe energy work needs to be taught and utilized by all to promote health and wellness. The weekend that
just passed has encouraged me to start turning the tables on society and beliefs about money, love, and life that no longer serves me.

As a result Ive started a new blog -

Started a new business -

and am walking my path

I will continue writting about my journey on my new blog - please pop over and check out the progression of my garden

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