Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mid Life Crisis at 30

I apologize for being so crude but "fuck the other blog!!!". I don't have to quit Saturn Returns because I've turned 30. Guys, I have to tell you turning 30 has been psychological warfare because I'm in the midst of a mid life crisis. My life has never followed a straight or narrow path. So, I'm not that surprised that I'm still drumming to my own beat, having lost my float, and the whole damn parade years ago......

But, I'm really scared. What if I'm wrong? Can we truly have it all while being true to ourselves? I truly believed for a long time that I could have it all; a career that I was passionate about and dare I say meaningful as well, a loving supporive husband who saw me as an equal, genius children, belong to a community, spiritual beliefs that I felt comfortable passing on, self love , freedom to by myself and stick to my beliefs ......*sigh* I hope to maintain my intergrity. I don't want to settle for less I want to be true to my dreams for me. But, Sometimes I feel as if life doesn't support my views.

My generation was taught to believe in options and is deathly allergic to limitations. Why isn't our world supporting this ingrained belief?

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