Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perfection in Imperfection

I need to address my absence for my few loyal readers; Popcorn and Dad (lol). Work has been crazy!!!! We are in the midst of a system conversion and it’s been project after endless project. The project doesn’t include my normal assignments which have been put off for about two weeks – things have been hectic. I’m not complaining because I’m grateful to have a job and be able to maintain my swag *wink*. So, I apologize for my absence but have been gone with good reason.

Today’s post is a little random but heart warming. I walked into work today ½ hour late but feeling great. My morning was crazy. Due to not working out, stress cooking deliciously rich pasta dishes, and not calculating my intake during the last few weeks my shirts were a bit snug in the bust area this morning. I managed to stay calm and quickly decided to thrown on a gray knit ¾ sleeve knee length dress with a cowl neck and a slim patent leather belt. It’s been raining in NYC therefore a bit chilly; my dress alternative was perfect, chic, forgiving, flattering, and professional. The only problem is I couldn’t find the belt for this dress. I spent at least 20 minutes going through all my accessories, storage spaces, etc. while admonishing myself for not scaling down enough and being more organized. By the time I found my belt, I was officially late for work. I called my boss to let him know that I missed the train, threw on a bit of make up, rolled my eyes at my crazy hair and ran out the door.

I was a lot calmer by the time I reached the metro north (croissant helped), less annoyed about my hair since it was drizzling, and I didn’t have an umbrella. My boss knew I was running late so I was calm and looking forward to a pleasant commute and catching up on my reading. In the midst of my texting, reading, and attempting to smooth out my frazzled appearance - time flew. My 30 minute train ride felt like 5 minutes but I was ready to start my day. As the train pulled into my station, folks barreled down the aisle, locking the person closer to the window in their seat. I noticed an attractive unassuming gentleman ahead of me who appeared to be blocked in by people rushing off the train. I stopped to allow him to get out of his seat. I was already late – my time zone(hot mess central). He turned to me as said “I’m not stuck just inspired”. I might have furrowed my brow in confusion when he handed me a piece of paper and added “I wrote a poem for you”. As an avid reader, I was impressed, touched and overwhelmed. I immediately gave him a warm sincere “Thank you” and watched him rush off the train in another direction.

I tried to read the poem as I walked over to my shuttle bus but couldn’t within the crazy people traffic. When I reached the shuttle bus, I pulled out the poem titled “To the Soulful Sister Noticed” and was immediately overwhelmed by the idea of me being inspiring and seeing myself through someone else’s eyes ; skin tone, energy, grace, beauty , etc. I won’t overshare because it’s personal, beautiful and I want to respect the author. He left his number on the back and an offer to meet up for tea – classy. It made me feel so good because it was sweet, romantic, original, old world feeling (courting), flattering, IDK. My hands down best date request experience, I’m not sure what will come of this but wanted to share my experience with perfection in imperfection.

Hope you enjoyed!!!!

FYI - I just want to add a great blogger (inetespionage) tweeted a Jezebel online magazine article titled "Why you must see untouched images, and why you must see them repeatedly" about our subconcious training to seek physical perfection and the suggestion that natural unaltered beauty is a problem. The super gorgeous and skinny also being unacceptable as is ...the article inspired me to tell this story.

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