Friday, June 25, 2010


My friends and family can all tell you that i'm an insatiable reader and can gobble up to 3 good books per week. Yes, that means you can expect many book inspired posts. However, poetry has never been a strength of mine so i tend to steer clear. Asking me to decipher certain poetic texts would be like ,asking a baby to read a road map and provide usable interpreted directions for a road trip - (I'm imagining the sunglass wearing baby in "The Hangover")- laughable.

Yet, I'm trying to grow and replace my distrubing puzzled expression with appreciative serenity while engrossing myself in this wonder of the literary world. Saturn is forcing me to break out of my comfort zone and start expanding my horizions. I found a poem that brought a smile to my face while perusing books at Borders today.

Now all my poeticlly inclined readers, please refrain from laughing or spitting out your drinks or snacks. I'm not sure if this is too basic to post. All i know is that I loved it and hope you will too :) Enjoy!!!!

CHARADES by Edward Hirsch

We waited on two sides of the subway tracks.
You were riding uptown and I was headed downtown
to a different apartment, after all these years.

We were almost paralyzed, like characters
in a Beckett play, and then you started
to pantomime, as in charades.

First, you touched your right eye
and then your left kneee
and then you pointed toward me.

I made a sign of understanding
and then the train suddenly roared
into the station, and you disappeared.

I love it and hope you do too......

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