Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've noticed these past few weeks,new visitors starting to frequent "my" website. The idea of having followers who actually like my posts, adjective abuse, and style of writing is exciting, humbling,and terrifying all at once. I review my posts every time I see a new city on my traffic feed, especially if no one I know lives there, and my stomach does all sorts of twists and turns. I want this blog to be good and relatable but I also want to be true to myself. I'm no professional writer. I'm just a girl who loves to read , enjoys writing, and feels honored to have a space to document her growth. I'm a true Sagittarian in that I'm always aiming high landing no where in particular , except on my feet, with a funny, adventure filled story to tell. I'm going to stop worry about whether my posts are too fluffy, serious, or self righteous. My goal is to have a fun reflective space. I hope newbie's and oldies alike enjoy and leave this site with either a smile or topic of conversation.

*Warning - fluffy post maybe coming up next*

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  1. It's 2014... That's four years of Blogout (Similar to Whiteout) Where's your Writing?
    {: )