Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Fashion *Wishlist*

Fall is my absolute favorite season; it means not being too hot or cold and always being just right, Some days it's nice enough to bare your legs all while showing off your favorite leather jacket or trench coat. Fall represents natural earthy makeup, perfect weather proof hair, texture marriages (billowy and tough). A change in aesthetics thanks to the leaves - it's all very inspiring. So, I've thrown together a collage of my fall lustworthy items; cocktail dress that can be worn to the office with a nice fitted blazer, black skinny jeans ( to tuck in those boots), lace up closed toe booties, updated comfy cardigan type sweater to be paired with sexy camisoles, chunky necklaces, hippie hats, faux fur vests,shirt dresses, earthy shimmery and uber smoky make up, sexy lingerie, embellished belts, and a sexy pencil length leather skirt. I was inspired by a picture of my mom circa 1980 something, she was rocking a fitted knee length leather dress which I'd total wear today.

But, I'm on a budget. I'm saving for the thigh high boots I've coveted since last year but will need to figure out the rest. I suspect a lot of the item I want can be purchased on ebay, thrift ,or consignment shops ; chunky necklace, hippie hat, leather skirt, and belt. The rest will have to be bought new or forgone altogether. I have clothes on the mind today .....continue to follow me to see how it all works out.

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